Review: Marc Jacobs Quilted Cooper Bag

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Marc Jacobs Cooper Quilted Bag, Image Credit:

I recently attended the Nordstrom Spring Beauty Trend event with a friend. We took a break from scouring the makeup counters to browse the latest bags, and immediately the Marc Jacobs Quilted Cooper Bag caught my eye.

Marc Jacobs Quilted Cooper Bag Review

I’ve been in the market for a roomy crossbody bag for the Summer. I want a bag that is chic and upscale, roomy enough for my essentials, yet a crossbody style to keep my hands free for having fun!  When I spied the Marc Jacobs Cooper, I immediately fell in love with the luxe leather quilted bag gleaming with yellow gold-tone hardware.  I slung it across my body and frowned. The strap was too short!  I was about to abandon the bag, but a saavy Nordstrom employee was nearby.

“The strap is adjustable!” She quickly remarked, and she demonstrated how–in an instant–the bag converts from shoulder bag to crossbody bag by adjusting the leather portion of the strap. Just looking at it, you’d never guess this was even an option!

The inside of the bag is brilliant for Moms who need storage and organization. The roomy interior space is divided into three sections. Two larger open sections rest agains the back and front panels of the bag. One slim zippered compartment is in the center.

Different sites provide different dimensions, so for the sake of continuity I am providing the stats from Norstrom below.

Bag measurements: 10″W x 9″H x 4 1/2″D
Strap length: Adjusts from 17 1/2″ – 23″

Retail price $895.

My thoughts: The Marc Jacobs Quilted Cooper is a great Mother’s Day gift from me to ME! :-)

Click HERE to check it out in yellow. My personal color selection is black, but the yellow is so cheerful and sunny!